Bad roads and corrosion ‘fuel’ sump replacements

Posted on December 12th, 2019 by GEM Motoring Assist

Bad roads and corrosion 'fuel' sump replacements

Regular readers of GEM blogs will know that poor road surfaces are not only bad for safety but also for your car. While tyres, steering and suspension components are the most obvious casualties, the humble engine lubrication sump is also suffering.


The sump’s main purpose is to retain the oil that protects the engine from premature wear. Speaking to the trade press, the quality parts supplier, First Line, has revealed that impact damage is one reason why demand for replacement sumps is increasing; bad roads might be a reason, although excessive speed while traversing speed humps is also cited as another factor.


As aluminium sumps are lighter than those made from painted steel, they are also more brittle and less resilient to being struck by a hard object. Steel sumps are tougher but can be affected badly by corrosion and we have come across instances of oil leaks being caused by the oil pan becoming rusted through.


Therefore, as a severe oil leak can ruin an engine within a very short period of time, take extra care while driving and ask your garage to check your sump’s condition at your car’s next service for either corrosion, or impact damage.