Beware of the poop

Posted on August 7th, 2018 by Rob Marshall

 Beware of the poop

GEM received some feedback on our previous blog that explained how wiping dust away can damage your paintwork. We were asked why the blog did not focus on something that can be even worse. The comment was a fair one, because the recent hot weather has unearthed another menace – bird droppings.


Poo + Sun = Trouble

Bird muck, enhanced by ingesting fruit and seeds, tends to be acidic and extremely injurious to car paintwork. In hot weather, the droppings can etch themselves into the paint, as they are baked on. In Britain at least, their damaging effect tends to be neutralised by rainwater but, when the sun is at its strongest, the problem is exacerbated. The longer the contaminant remains in contact with your car, the worse the damage will be.


Removing the problem

Using a damp cloth (or some detailing spray), try and remove the dropping as soon as it lands. If it has dried on, resist the temptation to wipe it away immediately, because hard deposits can break off and scratch the paint.  Place a damp cloth over it, so that the moisture from the fabric softens the dropping, prior to wiping it away using as little pressure as possible.


Should you be unlucky, you might notice a ghost mark, at the point the dropping contacted the paintwork. Whether, or not, this can be repaired depends on how deep it has worked into the paint and how thick the paint might be. Newer cars, especially those made by Asian manufacturers, tend to have very thin top-coats, making any rectification work difficult.


Try to polish the damage out but, if the mark remains, it may be worth contacting your local bodyshop for advice.