Dangers of (under) inflation

Posted on July 10th, 2018 by Rob Marshall

Dangers of (under) inflation

While many road safety bodies, including GEM, emphasise the importance of correct tyre pressures, it is worth making additional pressure adjustments during the holiday period, particularly if you are planning long-distance trips.


Relating tyre pressures to weight

If your car spends much of its time lightly-loaded, it is likely that your tyre pressures will need to be increased to cope with more passengers and additional luggage. Check your manufacturer’s handbook to verify if higher pressures are required for heavier loads.

Failing to alter tyre pressures in respect of extra weight can increase heat build-up within the carcass, especially at higher speeds, raising the blow-out risk. Remember that tyre pressures should be checked with the tyre cold, so it is worth buying a good-quality air pressure gauge and an inflator (many of which can be powered via the cigarette lighter socket), making any adjustments after the car has stood overnight.

Do not forget other checks, too, such as inspecting both sides of the tyre for damage and verifying the correct levels of all underbonnet fluids, prior to embarking on a lengthy motoring vacation.