Iron fallout remover- protecting your alloy wheels and more

Posted on July 30th, 2020 by Rob Marshall

Iron fallout remover- protecting your alloy wheels and more

To many onlookers, car cleaning is an unskilled task. Professional and trained detailers disagree. Indeed, even most car owners cannot wash their car properly there is a vast difference between the typical pop-up car cleaners in supermarket car parks, who offer to clean your bodywork in under ten minutes for less than £15, to the professional, who takes a day (or more) to fully clean, decontaminate, correct and protect a vehicle’s paintwork.


While this blog will not expound the various different stages that are used by trained detailing professionals, it highlights an important product that will also benefit the caring car owner.


One of the main issues involves the complexity of alloy wheels especially those that possess either special finishes, or are diamond-cut. These types tend to be complicated and expensive to repair and refurbish.


Ironically, these expensive finishes are exposed to the harshest of conditions, in that hot metal fragments, from the brake linings and discs, become embedded in the thin layer of clear lacquer paint that protects the metal alloy. While a quick wipe with a damp sponge may remove dust deposits, iron and other metals remain embedded in the paint. This can start corroding, staining the finish and causing the alloy wheels to lose their lustre.


The solution is an iron fallout remover, which can be sprayed onto the wheel. Such products contain a non-acidic formula that will not damage the paint but will dissolve the metal fragments, lifting them from the surface. Typically, the process turns the particles red, giving the impression that the surface is ‘bleeding’. After around 5-10 minutes have elapsed, the chemical can be rinsed from the surface, giving an impressively clean result.


As iron can also become embedded in the paintwork from atmospheric pollution, the product can also be used on paintwork. Yet, whichever brand you choose, always read the instructions carefully.