Front fogs

Posted on December 23rd, 2021 by GEM Motoring Assist

As I travel all around the UK, it surprises me how many drivers have their front fog lamps blazing continually, even when the slightest hint of mist is elusive. Perhaps they confuse them as ‘driving lamps’, or, perhaps, some road users think that putting as much light on the road is the best thing for safety.


Unfortunately, it is not so. As per the Highway Code’s Rule 226, using front fog lights risks dazzling other road users. According to Suffolk Police, misusing them can net you a £50 fine, should you be stopped by an officer.


Technically, many drivers do not realise that the MOT Test does not check if the front fog lights are functioning, on all but post-2018 cars. Therefore, when you are inspecting your lamps routinely, check the front fog lights work, as well as the rears.


Another issue is that some fog lamps possess beam adjusters, such as that pictured. Yet, unlike headlights, front fog lamp ‘aim’ is not assessed by the annual inspection.


Therefore, when you use the front fog lamps under the prescribed weather conditions, ensure that they point towards the road and not upwards. This issue risks not only dazzling oncoming motorists but also risks the fog reflecting the light back at you.