Plastic wipe and go

Posted on November 8th, 2012 by Rob Marshall

Plastic wipe and goConvenience sells. In today’s fast-paced world, a plethora of products is designed to save us all both time and effort. The popularity of the disposable ‘wipe’ in everyday life, for cleaning anything from baby’s bottoms to kitchen surfaces, is proof that many members of the public no longer have the time (or inclination) to saturate their own cloth and rinse it out afterwards.

Similarly, a vast range of wipes are available for car cleaning, both inside and out. After our earlier product test blog was made live, we were alerted to a new formulation of plastic trim wipe, marketed by Armor All, designed for car owners that value convenience.

Using an Hyundai Getz, which sported faded black plastic rubbing strips on its doors and bumpers, first impressions of the new Armor All Looking Trim were good. Each wipe is impregnated with a generous quantity of cleaning solution, which transformed the hue of our Korean car’s trim almost immediately and only two wipes were needed to clean all of the little car’s black exterior trim.

Plastic wipe and goIt took almost three weeks of the car standing in variable weather conditions, before the trim started to dull again to its previous grey shade. Although this might not sound impressive, it is a credible performance, because some brands of plastic trim cleaners can fail after just one rain shower.

Each plastic dispensing canister, which is designed to keep the contents moist, contains 30 wipes and retails at £4.49, which compares favourably with a typical selling price of £7.49 for 500ml of Autoglym’s Vinyl and Rubber care. On a per-use basis, we suspect the wipes remain a dearer option but the difference is marginal and many people will view not only the convenience but also the lack of mess as worth any premium.