New Tyre labels are here – what are the changes?

Posted on June 17th, 2021 by Rob Marshall

New Tyre labels are here - what are the changes?


According to the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association and Lizeo Group survey, just 1% of tyres in the market are ‘A’ rated for both efficiency and wet grip. A further issue is that tyre purchasers are unaware of the differences between the best and worst performers. The latest changes to the tyre rating label, introduced first in 2012, are intended to enhance awareness and safety.


As per our previous blog, the new label is being made more prominent, with retailers being reminded of their legal obligations to display every new tyre with one.


Yet, it is not that easy to spot the changes between the old and new label. The fuel efficiency and wet grip ratings have been reduced from six to five categories and tyres that were classed under the old E rating are now D rated to indicate below-average performance. The former F and G rated tyres become the new E grade. The noise ratings are still present but are given A to C ratings for greater clarity instead of coloured bars.


Further additions include a QR code; scanning it with a mobile device directs the user to the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling database, which contains further details about the tyre being considered.


The new label also includes several new icons. Tyres that are better suited to cold weather conditions and snow boast the three-peak snowflake symbol on the label as well as their sidewalls. For extreme wintry conditions, an ice stalagmite is displayed, showing that the tyre has passed the relevant ice braking tests. The fuel efficiency label can also include a lightning symbol, highlighting tyres that are suitable for heavier and torquier electric cars.