Save money with DSG gearbox repairs

Posted on December 30th, 2019 by Rob Marshall

Save money with DSG gearbox repairs

With there being no obvious difference within the car, especially as the gear-lever tends to have the same ‘P’, ‘R’, ‘N’ and ‘D’ positions, many drivers are not aware whether their car is fitted with an ‘automatic’, or an ‘automated-manual’ gearbox.


Twin-clutch gearboxes fit in the ‘automated-manual’ category, because they consist of two manual gearboxes within a single case; one of which controls the odd-numbered gears typically; the other, the even gears. These two halves are linked to the road wheels by two main clutch packs, enabling extremely fast gear changes.


While Volkswagen Group popularised the twin-clutch automated manual gearbox with its ‘DSG’ system, several other manufacturers have their own designs, such as Ford/Volvo/Mazda’s Powershift and Hyundai/Kia’s DCT (dual-clutch transmission).


The ‘Mechatronics’

Should you experience problems with these gearboxes, they can be very expensive to repair, especially as many workshops recommend that the entire gearbox be replaced. This can run into several thousands-of-Pounds.


Yet, the culprit could be the ‘mechatronics’. This unit controls the gearshift and clutches and is prone to develop faults, especially on the DSG six and seven-speed units. Fortunately, it can be removed separately from the gearbox (as pictured) and various specialists (such as ECU Testing in Heanor, Derbyshire) can repair them on a mail order basis.


Therefore, should you own a twin-clutch automated manual DSG and you are experiencing gearbox problems, ask your garage to diagnose the mechatronics unit, before condemning the entire gearbox. It could save you a packet.