Sound but not fireproof

Posted on November 20th, 2020 by Rob Marshall

Sound but not fireproof

Many people either like to add soundproofing to their cars, or replace original material that has disintegrated, as pictured. A problem is that car manufacturers and their dealers tend not to supply replacement pre-cut soundproofing for every model, especially those that have been out of production for some time.


The alternative, therefore, is to turn to aftermarket companies that do not supply car manufacturers. Unless you choose a quality retailer, who can provide evidence that they have audited their suppliers, you risk buying materials that fall short of basic safety standards.


While fire resistance might not be a major consideration for soundproofing that is installed beneath carpets, for example, it can be argued that it is an important quality, if used within engine bays, applied to the underside of bonnets, or when situated close to hot exhaust systems. This video shows a typical problem experienced by a classic car enthusiast. (****)


Therefore, should you be looking to replace, or add to your car’s original soundproofing, query the supplier carefully about its products’ fire retardation qualities. The life of your car, and even you, could depend on it.