Treat your battery to a top-up

Posted on December 23rd, 2019 by Rob Marshall

Treat your battery to a top-up

Winter weather means that your car’s entire electrical system is under much more strain than usual, a consequence of which is that a typical 12 volt battery may not be recharged to its full capacity.


This causes a problem, because lead acid car batteries deteriorate faster, if they are not kept fully-charged. This weakens them so much that they can fail to start your car’s engine. Should this stage be reached, it is pointless trying to charge it any more. To discover the difference between battery charge and health, this blog explains more.


While the car’s charging system will keep the battery maintained, it tends not to be able to supply a slow, gradual charge that replenishes the battery completely, One main reason for this is that most drivers do not drive for at least eight hours without stopping the engine.


Therefore, periodic conditioning of the battery with a smart charger is a wise idea to not only prolong battery life and its reliability.