Tyre ageing to be researched

Posted on March 28th, 2018 by Rob Marshall

Tyre ageing to be researched

It is a popular question among GEM members – when does a tyre become too old? Sadly, we cannot provide a definitive answer, because it depends on so many variables, including storage and usage conditions. Whenever we have queried premium tyre manufactures about age limits, the answers are, understandably, vague.

Research commissioned

Yet, the first publically-funded study into the safety of ageing tyres has been announced by the Roads Minister, Jesse Norman. This follows the death of three people, in a coach crash, when one of its front tyres failed. The post-accident investigation revealed that the tyre in question was 19 years-old.

The independent organisation, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has been charged with carrying out the research over the next 12 months, to check whether, or not, tyre integrity degrades to an unsafe level over time.

Unfortunately, GEM understands that the research will be applicable to heavy vehicles only and we urge that similar research is undertaken for car tyres as well, especially as the sale of dangerous part-worn tyres  continues virtually unchallenged.