Watch out for the expensive refuelling mistake…

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 by Rob Marshall


Especially at this time of year, most of our minds are focussed on other things. Therefore, it is easy to drift into ‘auto-pilot’, when conducting some of most simple tasks. Refuelling is a case in point.

OSV, the vehicle supply professionals, surveyed 500 people and found that, while men were more likely to fill a diesel car with petrol (and vice-versa), women were more prone to repeat the error. The problem is prevalent among owners that have changed their cars recently, as well as households that possess both petrol and diesel cars.

For such a straightforward mistake, the effects can be both an inconvenience and a hassle. Should you be fortunate and realise the error before getting back into your car, the most important thing is not to start the engine, or even turn on the ignition. Get the car pushed into a more convenient location on the forecourt. While some breakdown services will not cover misfuelling, GEM breakdown cover members benefit from being able to reclaim up to £70 towards the cost of a roadside fuel tank drain.

Should you be one of the unfortunate 58% of drivers, who drive away and suffer a subsequent breakdown, GEM does not discriminate and will make the same contribution towards the cost of recovering the vehicle, including the driver and up to seven passengers, to the nearest suitable garage, or your preferred destination if closer. Yet, running an engine with the incorrect fuel is likely to cause serious damage and could leave you with large repair bills, something that most people could do without, especially at this time of year.