Wiper cleaning tip

Posted on August 20th, 2019 by Rob Marshall

Wiper cleaning tip

Modern windscreen wipers, especially the flat-blade ‘aero’ sets, can be fairly expensive to replace. Despite this, we recommend that windscreen wipers are renewed annually but their performance can drop-off even sooner.

Especially at this time of year, when used relatively infrequently, the rubber blade can suffer from the effects of sunlight and residues can build that range from dried screen-wash to bugs. The result is an irritating (and potentially dangerous) smearing effect on your windscreen.

Cleaning the wipers should restore them to peak efficiency; if it does not, they should be replaced. To assist with raising the wiper blade, some cars have a ‘service’ position, which moves the wipers to a more accessible position. Lift the wiper arm carefully and wipe the rubber blade with a cloth/paper towel, moistened with soapy water, or even a little white vinegar (though if you do use this, be sure not allow it to contact the car’s bodywork). A heavy, black deposit is likely to be left behind (as pictured) – so do not use your finest dish cloth!

Afterwards, clean your windscreen; a domestic window cleaning solution should suffice and test that the wiping quality has improved, by using your washer jets.