Hyundai i20: Car Review

Posted on August 24th, 2012 by GEM Motoring Assist

The cheap family car just ‘getz’ better!


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What’s it like? 

All the benefits of a cheap family car – with ssurprising amounts of space, too.

What are its stand-out safety features?
No specific features.

Who should buy it and how much does it cost?
Put it on your list if you’re looking for a family car that’s economical to buy and to own.

Our review: Good Motoring, Summer 2012

THIS STYLISH hatchback is in the lower end of the medium family sector and will suit a traditional family of Mum, Dad and 2.5 kids, once the little ones are past the pushchair stage. The i20 has taken over from Hyundai’s Getz and is a vast improvement. It’s a good looking car with hints of Peugeot styling, a large intake ‘mouth’ and those frowning eyes for headlights. Anyone with little interest in cars would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the i20 and Peugeot’s 207. The test car came in a fetching blue which I mistook for a solid colour. It was in fact a ‘Sparkle Blue Metallic Finish’, costing an additional £425.

For a car of this size, there was a surprising amount of rear space for three average adults. You can also fit child seats in. Boot space is OK – 295 litres should be generous enough for the weekly shop, but for a family fortnight away, you’ll be grateful for a top box.

The car has a simple, rather plasticky dash, with driver-friendly controls and all knobs and levers in the expected places. The driver’s seat is almost infinitely adjustable with height, fore and aft, flexibility. The headrest can also be set to ‘up’ or ‘down’ positions. There’s a tell-tale instrument Hyundai calls an ‘Eco Drive Indicator’; a sort of horizontal ‘thermometer’ that gives an immediate indication of your fuel consumption.

Our test car was fitted with the very able 1.4-litre CRDi 89bhp four-cylinder diesel engine which gave the car excellent acceleration. 0 – 60mph is achieved in 13.5 seconds. Coupled to a six speed gearbox, this gives the car long legs on the motorway, with the engine turning frugally below 3000rpm at 70mph. This also gives an unhurried feel to the car, unlike some other small hatches. The i20 has no annoying engine over-revving fussiness. Road-holding is exceptional, even when you take a few liberties.

Hyundai claims a combined 76.4mpg. Along with a VED ‘A’ Band rating, you incur no road tax. Because it’s in insurance group 11, you’ll find it a low-cost car to operate, especially with a five-year warranty that can be passed on.

Our i20 had air-conditioning, all-round electric windows, heated and folding mirrors and iPod functionality and steering wheel audio control, plus a range of other extras. The price seemed a little high for what many will feel is not a mainstream model, however long they have been on our roads. That said, the i20 is certainly a great improvement on what has gone before.

Price: £13,345
Verdict : 7/10