Avoiding a keyless entry theft

Posted on January 3rd, 2018 by Rob Marshall


According to Thatcham Research, a flood of thefts has come from criminals that exploit modern keyless entry systems. These are keyfobs that permit car owners to enter and start their cars without having to push a button, or even remove the plastic moulding from their pockets.

While these systems offer a convenience to drivers (although I find them rather irritating), they are being exploited and this CCTV footage highlights just how quickly a thief can operate:

Thatcham advises that concerned owners:

  • Contact their dealer and enquire if the car’s security system has the latest software updates installed.
  • Ask the dealer if the keyless entry fob can be switched off overnight.
  • Store keys out of sight and away from household entry points. Remember that thieves need to gain proximity only to the key to capture and amplify its signal.
  • Be vigilant. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity and report anything unusual to the Police.
  • Consider aftermarket security devices such as Thatcham-approved mechanical locks and trackers, which are proven to deter thieves. A list can be found on the Thatcham Research website, here