Be wary of ‘gig’ taxis

Posted on December 23rd, 2019 by Rob Marshall

Be wary of 'gig' taxis

The explosion of mobile and connected technology has transformed our lives but be wary of the risks. While you should not handle a mobile telephone while driving, resist the temptation over the holiday period of using it when you are on foot, to hail an unlicensed taxi.

In response to investigating reports of young people advertising and offering lifts for profit on social media platforms, GoCompare highlighted that they are not only committing several offences, by acting as illegal taxi services, but the practice will also invalidate their private car insurance policies, meaning there would be no cover in the event of a collision.

This is because such policies tend to prohibit ‘passengers carried in the course of a business for hire or reward’ and, where private car insurance permits lift-sharing (and not all of them do), it is restricted to social, non-profit trips.

This, of course, is in addition of the risk of travelling in a car with a driver who is unregistered and, possibly, not easily traceable. Consider also that licensed and legal taxis are subjected to more advanced safety inspections than those conducted under a typical MOT Test.