Don’t drive into floodwater

Posted on December 16th, 2015 by James Luckhurst

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We’re all aware of the severe weather and disastrous floods that have caused havoc in Cumbria and other parts of the UK. That’s why we’re reminding drivers to take extra care during the current ongoing period of wet weather. Disruption has occurred across the country, and with most rivers and waterways full to bursting point, you should expect problems on roads running close to the water. Also be ready for a lot of surface water where it runs straight onto roads from woods, hills and fields.

The ground is saturated, and rivers are full to the brim. More rain is expected in the coming days, so be ready to find alternative routes if you come across flooded roads. Do also check your journey for any possible problems, before you set out.

Expect the unexpected during these conditions. Floods will occur not only because rivers burst their banks, but because surface water is unable to drain away from roads or because water runs off fields and ditches overflow onto roads. So take it easy, put safety first, and don’t take any chances with floodwater.

GEM has produced a short video with simple advice for drivers on staying safe on wet and flooded roads. The main message from the video is for drivers to postpone journeys and not attempt to drive through floods. But for those who get caught, there are tips on maximum depths of water to drive through, paying heed to flood warnings and road blocks, how to reduce the risk of stalling and what to do if you do stall in a flood.

The video is available free of charge at: