Don’t poison yourself this new year

Posted on January 6th, 2014 by Rob Marshall

bootRewinding to earlier last month, I was surprised at the number of cars that I witnessed being driven with their tailgates open, often with the tip of a freshly-cut Christmas tree dangling out of their boots.

As the festivities wind down, the trend will be on the increase again, as decorations, trees and gift wrappings head to local council tips throughout the country. Apart from the interest that regional traffic police might show, if your number plate cannot be read, plus any other possible offence that depends on how the vehicle is loaded, be wary of a silent killer.

When on the move, exhaust fumes can be sucked into the cabin, via a vortex that is created at the rear of the car. Although a catalytic convertor mitigates the lethal carbon monoxide, it can only do so when it is at an optimum working temperature. Therefore, should you choose to travel with either an anchored-down tailgate or the tailgate’s window open (pictured), do not carry rear passengers, close the side windows and set the ventilation controls, and fan, to direct maximum airflow though the dashboard vents.