Summer Tips For European Driving Trips

Posted on July 12th, 2011 by GEM Motoring Assist

GEM Motoring Assist urges drivers to be aware of unusual foreign road rules.

With the good old British weather remaining as unpredictable as ever, lots of families are packing up their cars and driving to Europe’s holiday spots for a summer get away. Wherever you’re headed, breakdown cover and road safety organisation, GEM Motoring Assist has important driving tips to make sure you steer clear of confusion over the ever-changing rules and regulations and know exactly what to do should you breakdown.

Your Introduction to Driving in Europe is a FREE leaflet from GEM, and a great guide for even the most experienced drivers. Voted the number one for breakdown cover* again this year, GEM’s leaflet features three sections including preparation “Before You Travel”, “Country By Country” information, and what to do “If Things Do Go Wrong”.

Being prepared is GEM’s motto, and with so many things to think about before going away including passports, foreign currency, travel and medical insurance, the guide provides you with simple and clear information on what you need to check before you travel, foreign road laws to be aware of, and also what to do in an accident or breakdown situation.

Top tips to be prepared:

1. A service – it makes sense to have a service before you go, but as a minimum make sure to check the tread on the tyres, oil and water levels
2. Vehicle Registration Document – keep this with you at all times, never leave it in the car
3. Nationality plate – this must be the approved pattern, design and size
4. MOT Certificate – if your car is more than 3 years old, make sure you take this with you
5. Mechanical adjustments – be aware of the headlight requirements, you may need beam deflectors
6. Driving Licence – take both parts of your licence with you, and if you haven’t updated your licence do it now as the new style is valid in all EU countries
7. Equipment checklist – make sure you have high visibility jackets for each person, two warning triangles, first aid kit, replacement bulbs and a spare pair of glasses
8. Maps & routes – take a detailed map and plan your journey well in advance

David Williams, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist said: “With the holiday season well and truly upon us, we want to stress the importance of being fully
prepared when driving abroad. With lots of changing and often confusing laws and road signs, it’s crucial to plan ahead and look into the countries you’ll be
travelling in. Our leaflet, along with the European Traffic Police Network at provides up-to-date information on driving in
every EU country and highlights a number of the unusual rules and regulations you may encounter”.