Dog car sickness

Posted on December 2nd, 2013 by GEM Motoring Assist

One thing that causes a load of misery and inconvenience is travel sickness among dogs. Well, help is now at hand for those of us who would like to take our dog in the car more often but are put off by the prospect of it being sick. That’s because an effective travel sickness pill developed specifically for use in dogs is now available from vets.

Market research conducted among European dog owners revealed that about one in six dogs who travel, suffer from travel sickness of some kind. Nearly half (47%) of dog owners said they would travel more with their pet if it didn’t suffer. This problem is distressing for the dog and can make owners feel that they are missing out on the pleasures of travelling with their pet.
A dog hurtling from the back of the car in an accident can cause serious injury to the driver, passenger and an unsecured dog in a car may resist allowing the emergency services getting to you. Therefore dogs should always be protected in a vehicle by a proper dog guard harness.
As well as the travel sickness pill designed specifically for dogs, you may also be interested in a new website where they can get dog car sickness advice, including additional tips on how to deal with it. For more information about travel sickness in dogs, you should consult your vet.