Fink & Drive, GEM Champions Conversations On Car Journeys

Posted on May 18th, 2010 by GEM Motoring Assist

This summer, in a bid to revive the art of conversation amongst families in the car, road safety and breakdown cover organisation GEM Motoring Assist is teaming up with Fink Cards, a company aimed at getting people talking. No longer will “Are we nearly there yet” feature on car journeys as both companies campaign for greater conversation to keep the kids (and parents) entertained and alert.

Innovative family company Fink Cards is committed to nurturing children through conversation and interaction whilst providing fun for all the family.   The company has created a range of conversational cards for different occasions and now has a travel edition to make those long car journeys livelier than ever and get families interacting with each other. What’s more, in the unfortunate event of a breakdown the cards are very useful to keep the family occupied until help arrives.

David Williams, MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist comments, “All families look forward to the summer holidays but often have reservations
about travelling to get to their destination. Keeping the kids happy and entertained in the car is very important, not only to keep the atmosphere relaxed but also from a safety perspective. It is common knowledge that unwanted distraction in a car such as shouting or squabbling is more likely to lead to a serious accident and we believe that Fink Cards are a great way to keep conversation going for hours and keep a calm atmosphere.”

Lisa Warner, founder and CEO of Fink Cards and mother of four, said, “We are very passionate about the art of talking and a car journey is the perfect time for families to really bond and connect with each other. Our travel edition provides the stimulus to get conversation flowing so car journeys are not something to dread and anything that helps avoid the risk of accidents is extremely important.”

Top 5 Fink Card Travel Edition Questions
1. What 3 things would you take to a desert island?
2. If you could meet someone famous who would you choose?
3. What would be in your ideal picnic basket?
4. What is your happiest memory?
5. What is your special skill or talent?

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