Get Me To School On Time

Posted on September 22nd, 2008 by GEM Motoring Assist

By the time you do hit the road, the last thing you need is to break down en-route, especially as autumn brings cooler temperatures and darker mornings and evenings. Being stranded at the roadside with tetchy children, late for school and for work is not a pleasant prospect. Parents can reduce their chances
of such breakdown trauma however, by simply preparing and maintaining the car for the school run winter season.

Recently voted Number One for roadside assistance in the Driver Power Survey of over 32,000 readers of Auto Express magazine, GEM Motoring Assist, (previously known as the Guild of Experienced Motorists) is well placed to offer advice to parents on how to keep your car running smoothly and reliably. With the following simple steps, you can be much more confident that your car will get your children safely to school on time.

To prepare your car ensure:

  • To prepare your car ensure:
  • It is fully maintained and serviced
  • Tyres have plenty of tread depth, are in good condition and correctly inflated including the spare
  • Your car’s radiator contains anti-freeze and the cooling system is free from leaks
  • Your car’s battery is in good condition (many garages / battery suppliers will carry out a check free of charge)
  • Windscreen wipers and washers are working effectively
  • Washer bottle is full and contains anti-freezing / cleaning additive
  • Lights, windows and mirrors are clean and clear of ice or snow GEM also has other tips for driving safely in winter.
  • Use dipped headlights in poor visibility
  • Reduce your speed compared to ‘normal’ driving conditions
  • Keep a safe stopping distance behind the vehicle in front.
  • Avoid harsh breaking, acceleration and steering
  • Keep a watchful eye out for other road users especially motor cyclists, pedal cyclists and young pedestrians – particularly when travelling along school routes

Finally, GEM suggests you may want to keep a few useful items in your car in case of emergencies including reflective jackets for the whole family (should you be forced to leave the vehicle), warm blanket, a torch, high energy snacks and a warning triangle. If you must travel in severe weather, it recommends carrying a mat or sacking for extra grip in the snow, a shovel and a warm drink.

GEM Motoring Assist was set up to combat road accidents and remains at the forefront of motoring safety. The organisation is keen to help parents prevent driving emergencies at this time of year, but if the worst happens, there are three levels of recovery services available from GEM. These include Recovery Extra, Recovery Reclaim and Roadside and, full details of all of these can be found on GEM’s website .

GEM’s experience and knowledge has proved essential for families throughout the years. David Williams MBE, Chief Executive of GEM Motoring Assist said, “We like to think that we are there for mums and dads if they are stranded with their children. We will endeavour to reach them as quickly as we can toget them safely back on the road.” He continued, ‘We have a large, reliable fleet so recovery times are good, we know what it’s like to be on the roadside in winter and it isn’t fun!’

In operation since 1932, GEM offers an exceptional service which is clearly revered by its members. With an average response time of 40 minutes and a 24hour service, GEM members can be sure that they will be rescued as swiftly and as safely as possible.