Make it none for the road this summer

Posted on June 27th, 2013 by James Luckhurst

Make it none for the road this summerSeven tips for a safe and sensible summer on the road

Hopefully we’ll experience some reasonable weather across the UK in the coming weeks. After all, we need little in the way of excuse to enjoy some time outdoors with family and friends, especially if there’s a chance for a barbecue, a party or a picnic. However, the problems can start when alcohol gets involved, especially if there are no properly planned decisions made about who’s going to be driving home afterwards.

Here are our tips for understanding alcohol and ensuring it doesn’t become a problem or a danger this summer:

1) The only viable choice is not to drive if you’ve had a drink or may otherwise be impaired. And if you need to drive, then stay on soft drinks.

2) Hot weather makes us thirsty. Bear in mind that if you’re dehydrated then alcohol will have a greater effect on you.

3) If you have been eating, the process of alcohol absorption into your body will be slower. But it will still happen. It will just take longer.

4) The idea that one drink equals one unit of alcohol is wrong.  A standard pint of beer has two units, a pub size large glass of wine can have more than three units and a home-mixed gin and tonic can be considerably stronger than that.

5) Around one in six of the people convicted each year of drink-driving offences fail a ‘morning after’ breath test.

6) No amount of black coffee or cold showers or even a full English breakfast can speed up your body’s ability to eliminate alcohol (although you might feel better).

7) Don’t delay a decision on who’s going to drive home. Plan ahead, and if you’re going to be driving later, then stay on soft drinks.