‘Made in Chelsea’ winter tyre video confusion

Posted on December 20th, 2013 by Rob Marshall

tyresVolvo UK commissioned a fascinating video recently, in which a two-wheel-drive V40 model climbed an indoor ski slope, fitted with ‘winter tyres’.

Despite it being an interesting exercise, viewers might conclude that ‘winter tyres’ (or, more accurately, cold weather tyres) provide grip in snowy weather conditions alone, which is a misconception that tyre and safety organisations are trying to combat.

At one point within the video, the driver, Louise Thompson, star of the reality TV show, ‘Made In Chelsea’, said, “If you are going to drive in the snow, it’s important to have winter tyres” – the statement might be true but it could lead viewers to think that fitting different tyres is only beneficial, when the road surface is deep and crisp and even. This is not the case.

Sadly, the tremendous benefits of cold weather tyres being used in normal UK winter conditions, even on dry but cold road surfaces that most motorists will encounter, were ignored in the piece. I think that an opportunity has been missed to deliver a more relevant safety message, in preference to driving a Volvo up an indoor ski slope in Tamworth, with a “celebrity” at the controls.

COLD WEATHER TYRE VIDEO from GEM Motoring Assist on Vimeo.