Can you really choose where to get your car serviced?

Posted on March 5th, 2019 by Rob Marshall

Can you really choose where to get your car serviced?

Thankfully, the car owner is not held to ransom by car makers, come servicing time. Block exemption legalisation has meant that a claim made under a manufacturer’s new car warranty cannot be denied, if the car has been serviced outside of the main dealer network. You do not even have to use genuine branded parts, provided that the components used are of a matching quality. There are a few other reasonable codicils too that include ensuring that the car is serviced on time.


This warrants fair competition between main dealer and non-franchised workshops and helps to drive down servicing bills for the consumer. It should not prejudice quality, provided that a quality independent garage is entrusted with the work.


When you have no choice

Unfortunately, many cars that are bought through finance can have a codicil in the small print that dictates only complete main dealer service history is permitted over the term. This is because the car is owned by the finance company and not by the driver. Certain third party extended warranties make the same demand and not adhering to the advice risks voiding the policy.


Unfortunately, these circumstances are not covered by Block Exemption legislation. Be wary and ask for confirmation about your right to have the car serviced outside of the main dealer network, should you be considering using finance to fund a new car purchase, or you wish to buy an extended warranty.