Check your MoT online

Posted on June 9th, 2017 by Rob Marshall


To save money several years ago, the government agency that runs the MoT Test scheme, VOSA (although now titled DVSA) abandoned formal MoT Test pass certificates in favour of black-and-white style receipts (pictured). There were several reasons for this. The official certificates were vulnerable to theft and forgery, even though MoT garages were supposed to keep them locked within a secure safe, and a simple black-and-white printed A4 receipt is considerably cheaper, with the security issue (supposedly) taken care-of by a vehicle’s individual records being held online.


Do not take an MoT at face value

Unfortunately, forging the A4 paper receipt is even easier than it used to be. According to Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd (CMA), many of the forging tactics are so basic and, in one example, the organisation found that a sample receipt had been downloaded from the government website, filled-out and passed-off as genuine.

However, the authoritative MoT records are held online and, should you be looking at buying a car, it is imperative that you check the paper certificate’s information against that held on the official database. Look for any discrepancies, including dates of MoT validity and mileage that falls between one year and the next. It does happen!

You can check your car’s history, by logging on to .