EVs to get unique registration plates

Posted on September 2nd, 2020 by Rob Marshall

EVs to get unique registration plates

While the government has not confirmed an introduction date, cars that run on electric power (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) will be entitled to wear unique registration plates this autumn, to differentiate them from those powered directly by fossil fuels.


The new plates will be identified by a green flash on their left. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles confirmed that the UK-wide scheme will allow people to differentiate vehicles more easily, based on their tailpipe emissions.


One reason cited is to help local authorities identify EVs (electric vehicles), to introduce and enforce local incentives to bolster their uptake. Another justification is to improve EV acceptance. Yet, could it be counterproductive? If perceived as a means for owner/drivers to proclaim a moral superiority, could resentment be fostered instead?


However, the scheme is not mandatory and owners of new, or used, qualifying vehicles can opt-out. Therefore, should you own an EV already, you will not be forced to change your number plates.