Teething problems beset Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (February 2020)

Posted on February 26th, 2020 by Rob Marshall

Teething problems beset Birmingham's Clean Air Zone (February 2020)Following our previous blog (https://blog.motoringassist.com/car-maintenance/birminghams-clean-air-zone-car-checker-activated/) that revealed how you can check if you will be liable for charges, should you drive your vehicle into central Birmingham from July, it has been found that the online vehicle checker has been providing inaccurate information. The pictured disclaimer has since been added to the site within the past few weeks.


Issues were found after the checker advised that certain Euro 6 diesel cars were liable for the £8 per day fee, when they should have been exempt. The glitch is so serious that the implementation date could well be delayed for the second time. The scheme was intended to go live on the 1st January, which was then postponed until the 1st July. Now, it will be delayed for six months after the web checker is working properly – at the time of writing, there is no fixed date.

A Birmingham City Council spokesman has stated that:

“The Government has recognised the teething problems with its clean air zone vehicle checker and is working to iron-out any issues as quickly as possible.

Once those issues are resolved, there needs to be a period for motorists to check and prepare and it has been suggested that this be a six-month period in fairness to all concerned.”

However, the overall message remains that modern petrol cars that comply with Euro 4 and above, and diesels that comply with Euro 6 and above, will be exempt. As far as we are aware, the other exemptions from our original blog (https://blog.motoringassist.com/car-maintenance/birminghams-clean-air-zone-car-checker-activated/) remain unchanged.