2012′s most (and least) reliable cars revealed

Posted on August 9th, 2012 by Rob Marshall

People invest in motorcars never expecting them to break down. When they do, the problem can range from something minor to a major vehicle-off-road situation. Ascertaining which of the myriad of brands for sale in the UK is the most dependable, is not easy. Yet, every year for the past fifteen, Warranty Direct has published the findings of its annual reliability survey into cars aged between three and ten years of age and the Japanese manufacturers have been consistent performers.

2012′s most (and least) reliable cars revealed

Nothing has changed for this year, with the top five manufacturers all originating from Japan, although it is satisfying to know that several of those have major assembly plants in the UK.  Yet, several of the better known premium brands languish in the bottom ten of the 36-strong list, with one well-known 4×4 manufacturer residing on rock bottom, with a 71% potential of incurring a breakdown at least once every year. When times are tough and money is tight, the survey does suggest that reliability should be a factor of the purchasing decision.

The following list has been provided by Warranty Direct:

1.   Honda

2.   Toyota

3.   Lexus

4.   Suzuki

5.   Subaru

6=. Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mazda

9. Chevrolet

10 Nissan

11. Kia

12=. Ford, Skoda

14. Citroen

15=. Peugeot, Daewoo, Smart

18. MINI

19. FIAT

20=. Seat, Volkswagen, Volvo, Porsche

24. Vauxhall

25. BMW

26. Audi

27=. Rover, Jaguar

29. Mercedes

30. MG

31=. Saab, Chrysler

33=. Renault, Jeep

35. Alfa Romeo

36. Land Rover