Age is no bar to driving

Posted on April 8th, 2011 by David Williams MBE

Age is no bar to drivingI am always concerned to read that some motoring experts continue to suggest that drivers over a particular age should be re-tested or worse still removed from the road.  The fact that none of these so called ‘experts’ can agree precisely at what age these draconian measures should be implemented shows just how unfounded and ridiculous they are.

Just because a driver has reached his/her 70th or 75th or is it 80th or 85th birthday does not mean that they have automatically become an inconsiderate or dangerous driver who has immediately forgotten the rules of the road.  To base driving ability on birth date would be grossly unfair and GEM Motoring Assist (formerly The Guild of Experienced Motorists) would strongly oppose any such arbitrary system.

However, as a road safety organisation we would not wish to condone any motorists of any age continuing to use the road if they were mentally or physically not up to the task.

The number of ‘older drivers’ on the road is set to increase substantially during the next two decades as the post war ‘baby boomers’ reach old age.  It is, therefore, essential that all those agencies involved with driving and road safety work together to ensure that drivers receive the best possible help and advice to remain safe on the road as they reach older age.  It is also vital that robust health checks are in place to prevent drivers from putting themselves and others at risk.

GEM has already embarked on this work by outlining details on our website and by working with ROSPA to promote a non-test driver assessment.