Almost 1/5th of motorists know that their car is defective

Posted on December 6th, 2019 by Rob Marshall

Almost 1/5th of motorists know that their car is defective 

While the DVSA is working-out a way of rectifying the 3.4 million cars on UK roads that have been recalled by their manufacturers but not repaired, maybe a bigger road safety issue is looming, involving double that figure of faulty vehicles.


According to Halfords Autocentres, 18% of drivers continue to drive their cars, knowing that there are issues with their suspension, brakes and steering systems. Interestingly, younger drivers (aged 25-34) are more likely to drive an unroadworthy vehicle, with 38% of those polled admitting to doing so, compared to 7% of those aged over 55 years.


Financial constraints were cited as the most common reason for critical repairs being postponed by an average of 10 months, which might indicate that they would have been left longer, had it not been for need to pass the annual MOT Test. With an average garage repair costing £1,800, according to the survey, Bob Masters of Halfords Autocentres, reasons that:


“There’s no doubt that the rising cost of living is squeezing household budgets, forcing people to make difficult choices on how they spend their money, but motorists who avoid repairing safety critical items, such as brakes, steering and suspension could be putting themselves and others in danger.”

It is also worth noting that delaying a repair can be a false economy, because an inexpensive fault can develop into a more serious one, should it be ignored.