Auto Express awards

Posted on August 29th, 2012 by GEM Motoring Assist

I’ve heard a few people say that winning a silver medal must be almost worse than winning a bronze.  Because in second place, you were SO CLOSE to the top spot.  At least in third place you know you weren’t just one tiny step away.

Here at GEM, we love being up in the medal positions, and for a long time this year we have been keeping everything crossed that we would retain first place for breakdown recovery in the Auto Express Driver Power survey. After all, it’s not just being on the podium, it’s being in first place that we have become accustomed to, with wins in three out of the four previous years.

But there you have it: in spite of being very proud of staying there among the medals, we were beaten to the top spot by the narrowest of margins this time round. The survey, which also includes a number of the larger breakdown firms, showed that GEM scored more than 85.7 per cent across the five different sections, just 0.27 per cent lower than the winner’s score.

Cause for concern? Not at all. GEM is once again first for overall service as the company continues to build on its esteemed track record. We also took the top spots in the ‘speed of recovery’ category, proving our on-going commitment to providing the highest quality service to our members.

This annual survey is of course an important indicator to show us how you feel about the service we provide. Rest assured that the quality, friendliness, professionalism, promptness and value for money we offer will remain central to our service in the future.

And whereas some silver medallists will be waiting four years to regain top spot, we have every intention of being back up there in just 12 months’ time.