Banish foggy windows…

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by Rob Marshall

blog 15thfebHaving spent a lot of this year driving around the UK, I have become used to spotting fellow road users that think it is safe to drive their cars without taking a few minutes to clear either their windows, or their lights from the aftermath of a heavy overnight snowfall.

By the time the white-stuff had melted away, my ‘sport’ had changed to spotting cars with their side windows almost totally misted-up on the inside, while avoiding them at all costs, lest their drivers’ obscured vision caused them to swerve into my path.

If only they turned on their air conditioning. Should an interior become damp, using the ‘air-con’ with the heater removes the moisture from the air and defogs the windows. Using the air conditioning during the winter also keeps its internal parts lubricated, reducing the chance of an expensive failure come summertime.

It seems like a dichotomy to use air conditioning during winter but doing so makes sense. Not only can you enhance driver comfort and visibility but you can also save money and enhance the value of your car, by ensuring your air conditioning remains in full working order.