Be wary of MOT test ‘receipts’

Posted on December 7th, 2012 by Rob Marshall

Be wary of MOT test ‘receipts’Following the blog announcing that MoT Test ‘certificates’ (which are more like receipts) were being phased-in to reduce costs at VOSA, it turns out that our concerns about how easy they are to forge has come true.

The TSI (Trading Standards Institute) has warned used car buyers not to take the MoT Test receipt as proof of their cars’ mileage and test status. “When the new certificates were first implemented in October 2011, they were only intended to be a receipt for the MoT Test”, explained the organisation’s Motor Trade Lead Officer, Gerard Taylor, who continued, “and we are concerned that motorists still do not know that paper certificates are no longer proof of existence of a valid MoT certificate. The downloaded certificate in its present form can be altered and abused at will using the simplest of computer software available with nearly every personal computer.”

GEM Motoring Assist advises that you should check the MoT Test status of any used car that you are thinking of buying, by logging onto VOSA’s website. The site will also furnish you with the car’s previous test results, which will not only tell you the past MoT history but will also give you an indication about whether or not the mileage is correct.