Beer, Bikes & Boris

Posted on September 9th, 2009 by GEM Motoring Assist


GEM Motoring Assist, the UK’s No.1 for Roadside Assistance and Road Safety organisation, has responded to recent debates about safe cycling on Britain’s roads. For many years, GEM has been a supporter of safer cycling campaigns and today, more than ever, the organisation not only wants to encourage greater use of bicycles wherever possible, but also wants to warn drivers and cyclists alike to be more aware of road safety.

Last month, London Mayor Boris Johnson said, at People’s Question Time in Croydon, that he has no inhibitions about having a couple of pints at the pub and riding his bike home afterwards, sparking controversy in the cycling world. With the government pushing for more and more people to take to the roads on their bikes, GEM urges cyclists to listen to the right advice and be cautious and vigilant on the roads at all times.

Talking about the issue, Head of GEM Motoring Assist, David Williams MBE comments, “Whilst there is no breathalyser test for cyclists, it is still illegal to be riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol as this could cause serious accidents on the roads. We are committed to ensuring the cycling experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible and that’s why it is so important that all cyclists are always in full control. They must also remember that when on the public road, they are part of a complex traffic system and all rules must be obeyed”.

With safety of cyclists in mind, GEM has produced a fully comprehensive road safety leaflet called ‘The Guide To Safer Cycling’ that both cyclists andmotorists can download from the website at The leaflet includes all kinds of useful cycling information about safety, commuting, buying a bicycle, cycling holidays, maintenance and legal advice