Beware Of Holiday Breakdown this Summer

Posted on July 26th, 2010 by GEM Motoring Assist

Experts in road safety and breakdown cover GEM Motoring Assist are warning motorists to be prepared when setting off for summer holidays this year. With the threat of volcanic ash and the recent bout of airline cabin crew strikes, it’s no surprise that people have decided to abandon air travel this year in
favour of UK and continental holidays by car.

Whether you are planning on driving to Europe for a continental break or staying in the UK, as we are set for a scorching summer, then GEM, voted No. 1 for roadside assistance again this year, provides a wide variety of helpful information on travelling and breakdown cover.

GEM Chief Executive, David Williams, comments, “It is no surprise if after the fiasco earlier this year, more and more holiday makers look to
drive to their destination instead of flying. This will however, mean a greater number of people on the roads that are unfamiliar with certain areas and the
varying laws across Europe. It is extremely important that drivers realise the necessity to ensure their car has been completely checked before setting off on
a long journey. There is nothing more frustrating than breaking down with a car full of luggage and the whole family onboard excited to get to their

GEM has a FREE information guide “Motorist Breakdown and Emergency Guide” which is available from the leaflet page at GEM recommends everyone keep a copy in their glove box to read carefully before taking action in a breakdown situation.

Be Prepared
• Always prepare your car before leaving on a long
journey. Check: tyres / brakes / windscreen wash / lights / oil / water levels

• Ensure you have adequate car breakdown cover and the emergency number with you

In case of Breakdown

Hopefully good planning will help ensure that nothing goes wrong but in case it does, here are some useful guidelines to follow in the event of a breakdown:

• Breaking down on the side of the road can be extremely hazardous. Consider you own safety first – if possible get your vehicle off the road and ensure all passengers are safe
• Place a warning triangle at a suitable distance prior to the scene and switch on your hazard lights

• If you are on a motorway switch on your hazard lights and pull onto the hard shoulder as far as possible and turn your wheels away from the road
• Wear a reflective jacket or tabard – it is now illegal in some countries not to wear one
• Call for assistance. The emergency telephone number in EU countries is 112
• If it’s warm and you wish to leave the car, exit with extreme caution on the side of the car away from the traffic

A Few Top Tips For Travelling In Europe

• You must take copies of your vehicle registration document, your MOT certificate and your insurance certificate (but do not leave them in the car)
Check all the family’s passports and your driver’s license to make sure they are valid

• Make sure you have appropriate travel insurance

• Look for the best commission-free currency deals and remember that cash machines can be few and far between in remote regions of Europe