Comment from GEM’s chief executive on HMIC roads policing inspection report

Posted on July 16th, 2020 by GEM Motoring Assist

“As the report’s title tells us, roads policing is not optional. It plays a vital role in reducing death, serious injury and crime on our road network, yet in recent years there have been drastic cuts to officer numbers and the resources available to them.


“It makes no sense that road collisions kill twice the number of people murdered each year, yet funding for roads policing has been cut by more than a third.


“We call on chief police officers to ensure they understand the key risks faced by road users in the areas they police, to make roads policing a key part of their police and crime plans and – as a priority – to reverse the 34 per cent reduction in expenditure on roads policing that has occurred since 2012.


“Specifically, serious road offenders have been identified as much more likely to be involved in mainstream criminality*, and it takes the skill and experience of a properly-trained traffic officer to detect and deter this group of road users.”


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