DIY Maintenance fail

Posted on February 15th, 2012 by Rob Marshall

DIY Maintenance failRecent research by Haynes, the eminent publisher of the DIY workshop manuals, has uncovered that one in three drivers would fail their theory test, if they were expected to take the examination without any prior notice.

While my road safety colleagues would be horrified at this seemingly widespread lack of road law awareness, I am more concerned by the findings that 20% of drivers were unaware of how to conduct basic car condition checks, including inspecting the levels of oil, brake fluid and coolant. Almost 7% of them admitted that they knew nothing about car maintenance.

Unsurprisingly, the respondents aged over 55 years were the most confident at vehicle upkeep. In my experience, many people are put off by modern cars’ perceived complexity but, as I have proven many times in the past, DIY servicing is easier now than it has ever been, especially as items such as contact breaker points have been consigned to history.

Haynes’s new book, the ‘Highway Code For Drivers’ intends to go some way towards remedying the findings. It costs £2.50 and includes an extra up-to-date section on car care, which includes generic advice on fluid level checks and bulb replacements.

DIY Maintenance fail