Driving us potty!

Posted on February 17th, 2011 by GEM Motoring Assist

Driving us potty!


Having worked now on two ‘pothole’ campaigns for GEM, I have never been more aware of these unwelcome holes and, often what appear to be, craters in our roads.  On my short drive to work, I feel sure that I encounter more cavities than my dentist will see all week and that venturing out in my car can feel almost as dangerous as trying to negotiate my way across a minefield.

One of the biggest dangers to us as drivers and more importantly other road users, is swerving to avoid the things.  In fact, a survey carried out by GEM last year revealed that more than half of drivers have had an accident or near miss trying to avoid a pothole!

It’s clearly important to keep a look out when driving along unfamiliar streets.  Not only that, it’s best to avoid driving too close to the car in front lest he suddenly sees one and brakes without notice.

For drivers who are particularly concerned, GEM strongly advises reporting large or especially dangerous potholes to your local council.

All this great information and advice made for a really interesting press release that we are pleased to report had excellent pick up from the media over the last week, including by our CEO’s namesake, David Williams, Motoring Editor from The Telegraph who kindly shared our tips with this weekend’s readers online.

GEM Motoring Assist has developed their top tips to ensure motorists are as safe as possible during ‘pothole season’.

  1. Always be aware of dangerous potholes on your route home and in your area and, if necessary, find an alternative route.
  2. Remember to keep your distance from the car in front. Motorists will often break suddenly if they have spotted a pothole too late, so ensure you are far enough away to slow down safely.
  3. Make sure you stick to the speed limit and drive even slower than normal on smaller roads and residential streets where potholes may be prevalent. Hitting a pothole at speed will cause much more damage to your vehicle.
  4. Never swerve to avoid a pothole; always slow down or stop completely if necessary checking that there are no cars close behind you – drive over it slowly or manoeuvre around it when it is safe to do so.

To check out the tips visit the dedicated website www.potholes.co.uk which tells us that these nasty holes in our roads cost British motorists an eye-watering £320 million every year. It’s a very good reason to drive extra carefully until our local councils kindly come and fill them all in.