End of an era – new printed Haynes DIY car manuals cease

Posted on January 18th, 2021 by Rob Marshall

End of an era - new printed Haynes DIY car manuals cease


2020 has been a year of change and the news that Haynes is to cease printing new DIY manuals will bring tears to the eyes of many car, commercial and motorcycle owners. While the repair and maintenance of cars by home mechanics has been declining for several decades at least, Haynes Publishing diversified into motoring history, lifestyle and even medical topics, while updating its core workshop manuals that involved stripping and rebuilding the covered vehicle. Since 1966, over 200 million Haynes Manuals have been sold worldwide, covering more than 1,000 models. Even so, a significant number of modern car owners rely on cost-free and virtually instant YouTube, Google and social media advice to solve their motoring queries, even though their chosen sources might not be the experts that they believe…


Since its founder, John Haynes, died in 2019 at 80 years-old, the company was sold to InfoPro Digital Automotive, the very name of which indicated that the physical repair manuals were unlikely to last for much longer. While InfoPro will continue to offer reprints and downloadable digital versions of its existing repair manual catalogue (for now), the holding company indicates that it does not plan to turn its back entirely on DIY automotive repair market. A new product will replace the physical manuals that will cover around 95% of car makes and models, although no further elaboration was provided.


While this news may (hopefully) see Haynes update and enhance its DIY portfolio for the 21st century, the news reminds us of the positive role that its workshop manuals have played in saving motorists money and making their cars safer over the years. We hope to bring you news about how Haynes plans to assist DIY enthusiasts as soon as we become aware.