First past the Finnish line

Posted on February 5th, 2013 by James Luckhurst

Depending on where in the world you live, the arrival of snow can be a nuisance you’re used to – or it can take everyone by surprise and ensure the road network grinds to a halt for hours and hours. There’s a group of police officers and ambulance service training professionals from the UK in Finland this week to experience the driver training that’s provided to Finnish officers. Of course, in Finland, they’re used to snow, and the country’s National Traffic Police provides driver training entirely suitable for the conditions encountered on the country’s roads any time between November and April.

No surprise, then, that there’s a lot of enthusiasm from police officers and emergency service colleagues from other countries to experience this training for themselves.

Of course, it’s an opportunity to learn – and fortunately the track here is designed to be quite forgiving to the inevitable mistakes of in experienced students.

Everyone taking part on the course we have been observing has been full of praise and admiration for the skill of the Finnish instructors, and there are already ideas among the British visitors to recommend updates to training techniques based on what they have learnt here in Finland.