FREE Guide To Safer Cycling From GEM Motoring Assist

Posted on August 19th, 2008 by GEM Motoring Assist

Increasing Popularity of Two Wheeled Transport is Welcomed by Road Safety Experts

DRAMATICALLY increasing motoring costs and the length of time journeys across town can take is making cycling an increasingly more popular way of transport. It has become a healthy activity promoted by politicians and personalities and Britain’s success in Olympic competition has given it a stylish higher profile.

GEM Motoring Assist (GEM), that is concerned with the safety of all road users, is tackling the challenge of ensuring cyclists, both experienced and beginners, are competent and capable on two wheels and that they understand the rules and regulations that apply to them and are fully briefed on the Highway Code that has an important section devoted to cyclists.

GEM, formerly known as the Guild of Experienced Motorists, has used its charitable resources to produce an easy to read guide to safer cycling that is available free of charge to any member of the public and gives an overview of cyclists and the law, visibility clothing and helmet use, carrying and towing children, maintenance and a safety check list, bikes on cars and public transport and cycling as a family. It also explains how to cope with some of the more dangerous manoeuvres on a bike.

The leaflet picks on many points that other road users find annoying about cyclists such as riding on the pavement and failing to stop when traffic lights are red.

David Williams, Chief Executive of GEM, said his organisation was keen to encourage the use of bicycles wherever possible.

He says: “ The benefits of cycling speak for themselves. It is a great exercise and can often be a faster means of making a journey as well as being good for the planet and the pocket. Our aim is to make cycling as safe as possible and ensure bike riders are good neighbours as road users.”

Download a copy of A Guide to Safer Cycling