From the garage

Posted on March 7th, 2011 by Rob Marshall

From the garageFrom potholes to speed calming measures, leaking shock absorbers, worn ball joints and even broken springs are common maladies that the average garage has to deal with.

Even so, even technicians can be surprised. The owner of a 2002 Renault Mégane was complaining of a dull thud coming from the car’s rear floor, after the rear wheel was driven into a pothole. A careful test-drive revealed that the underside sounded as though it was being clouted with a cricket bat, every time the car negotiated a bump.

With the Renault raised by a ramp, the rear wheels were left to dangle. Immediately, it was obvious that the driver’s side rear shock absorber had snapped away from its mount, which meant that the damping medium was no longer secured to the car body.

Shock absorbers must always be replaced in pairs and so, once two new rear dampers were supplied and fitted, the customer could enjoy her Mégane once more, although she has vowed to be more aware of potholes.