GEM Call To Ban The ‘Boulevard Bullies’

Posted on December 16th, 2010 by GEM Motoring Assist

While the Prime Minister and other Government members are currently busy dealing with problems of bullying at work GEM Motoring Assist, a road safety association founded in 1932, has suggested that bullying on the road is a far bigger issue for the nation to tackle.

David Williams MBE, Chief Executive of GEM (formerly The Guild of Experienced Motorists) and Trustee of the National Campaign for Courtesy said, “Any form of bullying or discourteous behaviour within the work place is likely to cause anguish and distress and needs to be condemned unconditionally. However, we believe bullying on the road is far more serious and can lead to expensive damage, personal injury or even death”.

“Driving in an aggressive manner by tailgating the vehicle in front cutting in sharply to gain a few extra yards or failing to give way at a roundabout or junction etc is simply on-road bullying”, said David.

GEM has produced a free information leaflet regarding conflict on the road and is happy to provide copies free of charge to those calling 01342 825676 or
e-mailing The Courtesy on the Road leaflet can also be downloaded by visiting

GEM points to the fact that other serious road safety matters such as speeding, drink driving and seat belt wearing all receive considerable attention and funding whereas the significant dangers of on-road bullying often go unpunished.

“We would like to see the police taking a much firmer hand on this type of road behaviour, perhaps adopting either a heavy fine or a compulsory requirement to attend a rehabilitation programme for those caught in the act of being menacing on the road – irrespective of whether an accident has occurred,” said David. “Persistent offenders should have to forfeit their license and be forced to re-sit their test,” he added.

David continued: “The Prime Minister may get passionate, worked up and raise his voice while dealing with affairs of State, however, such rage has no place on our roads and GEM Motoring Assist will continue its efforts to encourage drivers to remain stress free and courteous on the roads at all times”.