GEM Comments On Government Move To Raise Motorway Speed Limits

Posted on October 5th, 2011 by GEM Motoring Assist

Breakdown operator and road safety charity GEM Motoring Assist has reacted to today’s news about the government seeking to raise the Motorway speed limit to 80 miles an hour. GEM’s CEO, David Williams commented “I simply cannot understand this. From a road safety perspective we believe it would be a disaster.

There are very obvious road safety implications including drivers having less time to react at higher speeds. Given the road safety record
is currently heading in the wrong direction, this alone is a good enough reason not to raise the limit.

Then there’s the environmental aspect. An increase in speed will have a huge influence on our fuel consumption and emissions.

Even from a breakdown perspective there’s a massive impact. It’s terrifying enough to be broken down on a Motorway with cars going at 70
miles an hour next to you, imagine them all travelling almost 15% faster? We would have concerns not only for the broken down motorist and their
passenger(s), but also the mechanics in attendance.”

David Williams continued: “To say an increase will improve the economy is frankly ridiculous – unless of course they are looking at the duty they will receive in revenue from the increased use of fuel? It seems this move is being made to deflect the real issues that cause delays in journeys such as road works and potholes. GEM feels this is where the government should start if they want to look at the area of transport as a means of improving the economy.”