GEM Copies A Reformed Scrooge And Offers An Early Christmas Gift

Posted on October 27th, 2008 by GEM Motoring Assist

AN EARLY Christmas present from GEM Motoring Assist (GEM), the road safety and motoring services champion, is hammering down the cost of keeping a car running and providing real security for responsible drivers.

Until the end of November and just a few weeks before the seasonal rush to visit friends and relatives begins in earnest GEM, formerly known as the Guild of Experienced Motorist, is continuing it provenly popular ‘BOGOF’ offer. Anyone joining one of GEM’s award winning roadside rescue schemes benefits from joint cover ensuring safer, trouble free travel for their partner as well as themselves.

In an unprecedented mood of generosity, that mimics the reformed Scrooge after the ghosts had been to visit, GEM will provide full family cover (up to four living in the same home) for the cost of joint cover.

The not-for-profit organisation that works for a better and safer environment for all road users has even thought about parents struggling to put their older children through a further education programme. Its family policy will cover full time students
even if they are living away from home.

GEM’s three distinct roadside rescue packages are already exceptional value and its rapid response record recently gained it number one spot in a Driver Power survey by top weekly specialist magazine Auto Express.

‘Early winter and the start of shorter days with dark evenings is also a time when roadside breakdowns are on the increase,’ said David Williams, Chief Executive of GEM. ‘No one wants the festive period to be ruined or compromised by a severely delayed or abandoned journey and that is why we are promising these economies of real scale. We are copying major supermarket groups and doing battle with rising prices in the most practical way we can.’

GEM devotes much of its profitable income to road safety projects producing free leaflets, supporting research and campaigns, advising government bodies and recognising those that work for safer roads for all users.