Don’t get caught out by the weather this winter

Posted on October 31st, 2013 by GEM Motoring Assist

  • New video highlights risks of driving in winter
  • Explains why we lose control and skid on snowy surfaces.
  • Checklist and top tips for how to be fully prepared and stay safe on the road

If the last few winters have shown us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared for everything; flooding, snow or even unseasonably high temperatures. However with reports that our winters are set to get colder, it is important to make sure that drivers and their cars are ready.

To make sure that everyone is prepared for the winter months, breakdown provider and road safety charity GEM Motoring Assist has compiled a collection of tips for drivers. A selection is below, with more at on our website along with an online video, highlighting the risks.

  • Avoid if risky: If the weather is threatening piles of snow, the most sensible way to reduce any risk of an accident is to avoid car journeys.
  • Be prepared: If you cannot postpone your trip then make sure that you have the essentials packed. The checklist should include shovel, blanket, drinks flask, torch, scraper, de-icer and emergency cash.
  • Winter Tyres: While drivers are sometimes put off by the cost, these specialist tyres do provide better grip during low temperatures than ‘normal’ tyres, so are highly recommended by GEM Motoring Assist.
  • Tyre maintenance: Drivers who haven’t invested in winter tyres must make sure that their existing tyres are in the best possible condition. Ensure that the pressure and tread depth are sufficient; although the legal tread limit is 1.6mm, it is wise to have a tread of above 2mm to maintain good grip.
  • Electric checks: Car electrics cause the majority of break downs, so ask a trusted garage to check that everything is working properly before the colder weather sets in. Lights are essential in winter months yet 35% of motorists don’t even check them!