GEM Motoring Assist calls for more road safety campaigns despite lowest ever casualty figures

Posted on June 28th, 2013 by David Williams MBE

GEM Motoring Assist welcomes the recently released 2012 road casualty figures for Great Britain which show the lowest number of road deaths since records began in 1926. However, the toll of 1,754 people killed on our roads still represents a huge burden on the nation’s resources and  incalculable tragedy for the families of those involved.

The number of people seriously injured on our roads also shows a welcome decrease of  0.4% compared to 2011.

Child casualties fell by 11% in 2012.

However, the recent increase in the number of cyclists on our roads has had a very unfortunate by-product as it is this category of road user that has seen a 10% increase in fatalities and a 4% increase in those seriously injured.

It has been accepted that in financial terms each and every fatal road accident victim costs the nation around two million pounds. This figure makes road accident prevention measures  real value for money and with public expenditure due to be further reduced GEM hopes that road safety will  not fall victim to further cuts but be given added priority to reduce the tragedy and burden of unnecessary death and injury on the road.