GEM offers five simple ways to make your road journeys safer

Posted on September 17th, 2018 by GEM Motoring Assist

GEM offers five simple ways to make your road journeys safer

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging all road users to make use of five tips that will reduce risk on their journeys.


The call comes in the week that road safety organisations across Europe come together for Project EDWARD, the European Day Without a Road Death, which takes place this Wednesday 19 September.


GEM road safety officer Neil Worth comments: “GEM was the founding sponsor of Project EDWARD in 2016, and we continue to support what we see as a very worthwhile initiative.


“In spite of significant concerted effort among road safety professionals, politicians and policy makers, the sad truth is that there are still around 70 deaths on Europe’s roads every day.


“Furthermore, for every person dying, there are up to 50 who suffer serious, life-changing injuries in a road traffic collision.


“The vast majority of these are innocent, hard-working individuals who most likely have set out on a normal day to do the same sort of things they did last week, and the week before… yet they lose their lives in a collision.


“Along with the organisers of Project EDWARD, we believe that if every road user would commit to making small changes, then the road safety improvements will be huge and we really can achieve big reductions in the number of people who are killed or seriously injured.


“So take a look at our safety tips, and please do your bit for Project EDWARD, not just this Wednesday, but all the time you are using the roads, so that we can work towards having Every Day Without A Road Death.”


GEM’s five driver safety tips for Project EDWARD:

1  Always wear a seatbelt, even on the shortest journeys. And ensure everyone in the car with you wears a seatbelt. Wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of death by 45 per cent for drivers and front seat occupants, and reduces the risk of serious injury by 50 per cent.


2  Make a point of always knowing the speed limits, and sticking to them. Inappropriate speed accounts for nearly a quarter of collisions which result in death.


3  Get an eye test. Good eyesight is essential for safe driving, so if you haven’t had your eyes checked in the past 12 months, make a point of booking a professional vision test.


4  Stay alert, throughout your journey. Banish dangerous distractions such as mobile phones, and ensure you take regular breaks on long journeys.


5  Spare a thought for others: be courteous and hold back if it might help another driver, a cyclist, pedestrian or other road user. And if your good turn isn’t acknowledged, don’t bear a grudge!


Project EDWARD, the European Day Without A Road Death, takes place on Wednesday 19 September.



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