GEM Refreshes Breakdown And Emergency Guide

Posted on November 15th, 2012 by GEM Motoring Assist

With winter upon us, road safety organisation and breakdown cover company GEM Motoring Assist has refreshed its ‘Breakdown and Emergency Guide’ with vitalinformation and help for breakdown situations.

The redesigned leaflet, one of the latest additions to GEM’s extensive road safety and motoring advice portfolio, includes step-by-step advice to follow in the event of a breakdown or emergency, with safety as an absolute priority at all times.

While the leaflet emphasises the importance of getting your vehicle off the road and all passengers to safety, it also highlights that other road users must be considered. Information on how to warn other drivers when you have broken down includes the following top tips:

  • Use your hazard warning lights if your vehicle is causing an obstruction
  • Put a warning triangle on the road at least 45 metres (147 feet) behind your broken down vehicle
    • Place the triangle on the same side of the road as you are
    • Never use a warning triangle on motorways as this may put you in danger from oncoming traffic
  • Keep your sidelights on if it is dark or visibility is poor
  • Do not stand (or let anybody else stand) between your vehicle and oncoming traffic
  • Wear a fluorescent/reflective jacket or tabard

The leaflet also provides important advice for accidents and emergencies, with sections including ‘In the event of a collision’ and ‘First Aid’, as well as how to be prepared.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “Knowing what to do in a breakdown situation can hugely help reduce stress and panic, and keep passengers safe.  However, it is also imperative that drivers are prepared and ensure that their car is regularly serviced to prevent breakdown situations happening in the first place. We know that motorists are cutting costs on car maintenance due to the economy, which unfortunately means we are likely to see more and more breakdowns during the cold winter months.

“We have kept our advice clear and concise in this new leaflet and we want to encourage people to keep a copy in the car, so they can call upon it if the need arises. Drivers should also look at using free apps, such as our GEM Motoring Assist App, which pin points your location and provides useful information to get help more quickly. Our ‘Assist Me’ app function puts members in direct contact with the GEM Motoring Assist Control Centre at the touch of a button,” David concludes.

To download the GEM App for free, search for ‘GEM Motoring Assist’ on your iPhone or Android.

To print a copy of the ‘Breakdown and Emergency Guide’ leaflet please visit or call 01342 825676 for a hard copy.